Tuesday, March 3, 2009


(none of the pictures in the post belong to me, sadly... thank you Google Image search!)

OK. So as I posted yesterday... uh... I'm getting ready to graduate soon. Really soon. 17 days now. Holy wow. Yeah.

So... after I graduate, I'm taking a mondo-epic-solo-introspective-"you've graduated what now"-road trip. I'm spent probably entirely too much time planning this road trip. BUT. It's my graduation present to myself, so I don't feel too bad... I'm so excited for it!!!!

I love road trips.

Here's the (incredibly) tentative plan...

DAY ONE (3/27)
Drive from Akron OH to Virginia Beach VA (pictured below)... it's about a 9 hour drive, which will be broken up by a stop in Washington CD for coffee with an old friend (Tabie) who I haven't seen in a few years.

DAY 2 (3/28)
Virginia Beach VA to Wrightsville Beach NC, with stops at Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle (pictured below), and possibly Harkers Island... I'm so looking forward to this day because it's mostly gonna be coastal highway :) I love the ocean.

DAY 3 (3/29)
Wrightsville Beach NC to Savannah GA. Again... Coastal highway :). I'm gonna stop and spend a good chunk of time in historic Charleston (below), because I remember it from my childhood (when we took a roadtrip as a family to Florida and stopped at a bunch of places on the way back... can you feel my happiness?

DAY 4 (3/30)
Savannah GA to St. Augustine FL. I'm spending most of the day at Jekyll Island, GA (below)... And at St. Augustine I'm staying at a youth hostel called the Pirate Haus. yes. A pirate themed youth hostel. Complete with the owner who dresses in pirate garb all day and the morning serving of pirate themed pancakes (not quite sure what that means... are they in pirate shapes?! how does that work?!)... oh yeah... I'm pumpedddd!

DAY 5 (3/31)
St Augustine FL to Melbourne FL. I'm taking A1A as far as I can down to Melbourne... then meeting up with Aunt Sue and Trish, and hopefully with the LaVella clan. Woo! I have NO IDEA what the plan is... Aunt Sue won't tell me!

DAYS 6, 7 (4/1-4/2)
Melbourne FL. Hanging out with the fam :)

DAY 8 (4/3)
Melbourne FL to Atlanta GA. Somehow... and I'm truly not sure how... I've never been to Atlanta before. No time like the present, right? Woo! There's a possibility that I'm gonna get sidetracked on the way, though, by some country roads. I have an urge to explore.

DAY 9 (4/4)
Atlanta GA to Knoxville TN. The Smoky Mountains. Never been. Once again... no time like the present. I'm only young once. Etc etc etc. It's going to be a beautiful drive, I'm sure :) I cannot CANNOT wait!

DAY 10 (4/5)
Smokey Mountains. Yeah. I'm stickin around for another day :) There's too much to explore! Maybe I'll run into a bear! YEAH! But if nothing else the amateur photographer in me would kill himself if he didn't get a shot (get the pun?) at some of the landscapes here!

DAY 11( 4/6)
A sad day... the end. Knoxville, TN to Dayton OH. Sigh. Every good thing has to come to an end, right? Still, it's gonna be a gorgeous drive through bluegrass country... and that's something I can't complain about.

Back to work at Pablo's... sigh. Just one month more... just one month more... just one month more till I begin my full time missionary work. :)


DeWater Family said...

Congrats on graduation!!! Have a wonderful trip. You will love Atlantic Beach/Emerald Isle. We have gone on vacation almost every year for the past 20 years! Also, make sure you go to Gatliburg when you are in TN (and Pigeon Forge).

Can't wait to see pictures! Have a great time and drive safe!

Kevin, Isabella, Jennifer Kramer said...

Sounds like fun! I'll be eager to see the pictures.

Julie Madera said...

WOW, what a great trip and an even better present to yourself...you've earned it! Have a great time and be safe. Can't wait to see all your pictures and hear some great stories! :-)

Rachel said...

I second Aunt DeeDee's Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge comment- that's were we went on our honeymoon!
I totally remember that Florida trip! I think I have a pic of us standing next to the big canon in Charleston-i'll have to find and post that one on Facebook (when I have some time :) )
See you in a few weeks!

Brad said...

Gongrats on gettin it done... Don't forget Helen GA and Asheville NC ... You can visit both on the way back north... And while in Atlanta, don't forget about the Aquarium. You won't be disappointed. And if you find yourself near I-10, you can always head west towards us...

Kate S. said...

Congrats Bevan! I am so excited for your trip - you have some awesome places planned! My family went to Charleston for Cassie's 21st birthday and it was a blast! I definitely want to go back and do more sightseeing there because it was raining pretty hard the entire weekend we were there. I think you would like Asheville too, if you can swing it. I've always wanted to go to the Smoky Mountains (hopefully soon!) so I'll be anxious to see your pics.

xo Cousin Katie